Increasing Accessibility and Community Presence 

Having a board of trustees that is fully accessible is an essential part of governing. Our Township must do a better job of increasing its presence in the community. Our Township has exceptionally high turnout numbers during the election season, but those numbers decrease substantially when it comes to community involvement in daily and weekly Township matters. I believe this happens because we are not doing enough as a township to make our presence known to the community.

Fiscal Responsibility and Ethical Engagement

One of the most critical aspects of the job for a member of the board is to help manage the Township's budget. This job will only be made harder because of COVID-19. We need someone on the board that is aware of the options we have as a township, and that is prepared to make the tough choices necessary to maintain services provided by the Township. 

Transparency and Accountability

Since 2016 we have seen a general decrease in trust in the government from both Democrats and Republicans. This feeling of mistrust runs deep here in Michigan. Our state in 2019 was ranked dead last when it came to transparency. If we want to restore people's trust in the government, we must do everything we can to make the government more transparent.