Increasing Accessibility and Community Presence

Having a Board of Trustees that is fully accessible is an essential part of governing. Our Township must do a better job of increasing its presence in the community. Delhi Township has exceptionally high turnout numbers during the election season, but those numbers decrease substantially when it comes to community involvement in daily and weekly township business. I believe this happens because we aren't doing enough as a Township to make our presence known to the community. In the year 2020, we have the technology and everything that we need to make sure that our board is fully accessible to the community. More than just making our meetings more accessible, we must due more to increase our presence within the community both as individual township members but a board as a whole. If elected, here are a few steps I will take to make our Township more accessible:

1.    Post reminders about meetings on the Township Facebook and other Holt Community pages.

2.    Live stream all township meetings and post them on a Township YouTube, so residents can view Township meetings that they miss.