Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Engagement 

One of the most critical aspects of the job for a member of the board is to help manage the Townships budget. This job will only be made harder because of COVID-19. We need someone on the board that's aware of the options we have as a township and is prepared to make the tough choices necessary to maintain services provided by the Township. The coronavirus hit our economy hard, and the state will have no choice but to decrease how much we receive in revenue sharing. In 2020 revenue sharing is expected to account for 23% of our general fund revenue; we will have to manage our budget a lot better moving forward. We need to do this all while finding a way to help our local businesses survive the aftermath of the coronavirus.

Here is how I think we do that:

1.    Find areas where we can make cuts to the budget. Specifically, look at areas not related to essential Township services. We need to make these cuts for at least the 1st year until we figure out how much revenue sharing will be cut and how long it will be until it is restored to its levels before COVID-19.

2.    Place a minimum two-year pause on any new infrastructure projects.