Meet TyJuan 

TyJuan Thirdgill is a dedicated community activist and organizer. He grew up in Englewood, a neighborhood located on the South Side of Chicago; he sought to emulate his mother, who was a tireless advocate for her community. As a small child, he remembered waking up on Saturday mornings and seeing that his mom had already left to go volunteer in the community for the 17th Ward. TyJuan knocked his first door at the young age of ten, and it was at that moment that he fell in love with local politics and volunteering within the community.


​Community involvement and engagement have always been important to TyJuan. After he graduated in 2016, TyJuan was thrust into the role of teaching debate due to a teacher's sudden resignation; he built a new curriculum, taught the class daily, and made all of the tests. After moving to Lansing, TyJuan immediately connected with a former debate coach and began to coach debate again at a local high school. 


​After 2016, it was clear that much work would be needed to achieve a community and a world that he wanted to live in and one where he could see raising a family in. Consequently, activism and organization became an even larger part of his day to day life. He wanted to make sure that despite the divisiveness that national politics had created that people could still love and respect each other in local communities despite their differences.